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Derek Martin @[email protected]

Such progress!
The Ourselves.Space Ecosystem: (this site ala Twitter/Mastodon) (Instagram/Pixelfed) (Generic Blogs/WriteFreely) Reviews/Bookwrym)

Coming Soon:

Join us on - a place to be ourselves.

Just a few more days until summer season kicks off! Make sure to do it safely with tools from The Doodle Project. From our family internet filter (PiHole for Home), our Family IT Team to make sure you're well protected and configured, to our family friendly social media services to replace Insta/FB/Twitter and more and, we've got you covered. Tell us how you're doing and let us know your questions. The Doodle Project - Connect. Safer.

We're ( / are delighted to support @takahe and building a great community of "bring your own domain" instances to the . To learn more, visit

Y’all wouldn’t believe how awesome it is to have FB/Insta/Twitter without ads. Sound too good to be true? It's real. No ads. No tracking. Come, be yourself at A service provided by The Doodle Project to help families connect safer.

It's a beautiful day in the ! Did you know you can join for free and then, if you want, you can also bring your own domain for a small monthly fee? Come, be yourself (like me(at) - we even help you set it up! for more.

Production grade instance with active moderation, bring your own domain support, legal entity support, DDoS protection, compatible with almost all clients. A place for you to be yourself. Join us at

@0x58 The struggle is real :)

The Doodle Project is excited to announce our newest offering - the Family IT Team - learn more today at

Now running the latest version of our amazing envrionment for the - takahe0.8.0. Loads of fixes and a few new features. New: import following. Still to come: relay support and import followers.

If you're a , , or other individual wanting to bring your own domain to the without running your own server, we hope you'll consider 'our bring your own domain' solution for a small monthly fee. Learn more at

It's a great day in the ! Our brand new is available for joining at Come join us, and be yourself! You can also bring your own domain for a very low monthly cost (optional). See for more details!

The Doodle Project team has been hard at work getting things organized as we ramp up our services! We've since onboarded to and it's amazing! friends should definitely check it out:

It's a beautiful day in the ! Come, be yourself at our new fediverse instance You can even bring your own domain for a small monthly fee!

We're seeking a volunteer to test bringing their own domain to the using our new platform on - benefit is a home for you to be yourself and not just another user on another instance - and we'll do it for you for free (regularly $5/mo). Requirement - you have to actually use it! Anyone out there want to be their true selves? Give me a shout! First one to reply wins. (Must have control of your DNS records).

Well that was fun - 15 minutes of downtime ended up taking 4 hours :( Service provider has received our displeasure.

Looking for contacts of the major clients to see about getting added as an option for folks to sign up!

It's an exciting day to be in the and not on the :)

Putting the final touches on our instance for open access. Holler if interested!

We're now an official supporter of @jointakahe! Keep up the great work yall.

Things looking good this morning on It'll be a bit quiet of course until we get relay set up, but if you're coming from another instance, make sure to follow your friends wherever they are and that will help pick things up.

Hello from - this is Derek from The Doodle Project. Join us today:


Memcache should be working now! Horray

I am groot.