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A Place to be Ourselves

Welcome to, by The Doodle Project, LLC. The purpose of this system is to provide single user (or a few!) instance domain hosting for individuals and companies using shared infrastructure for a low monthly price. We also have open registration enabled for anyone who would like to register with the base '' domain and does not come with a cost. is well integrated with the fediverse and you will find a great community of like minded individuals in the local feed with strict moderation enforced (see Server Rules).

Come, be yourself on!

Recent Posts

We're seeking a volunteer to test bringing their own domain to the #fediverse using our new platform on - benefit is a home for you to be yourself and not just another user on another instance - and we'll do it for you for free (regularly $5/mo). Requirement - you have to actually use it! Anyone out there want to be their true selves? Give me a shout! First one to reply wins. (Must have control of your DNS records).

Well that was fun - 15 minutes of downtime ended up taking 4 hours :( Service provider has received our displeasure.

Looking for contacts of the major #mastodon clients to see about getting added as an option for folks to sign up!

It's an exciting day to be in the #fediverse and not on the #birdsite :)

Putting the final touches on our #pixelfed instance for open access. Holler if interested! #mastoadmins #fediverse

We're now an official supporter of @jointakahe! Keep up the great work yall. #mastoadmins

Things looking good this morning on It'll be a bit quiet of course until we get relay set up, but if you're coming from another instance, make sure to follow your friends wherever they are and that will help pick things up. #mastoadmins #fediverse

Hello from - this is Derek from The Doodle Project. Join us today:


Memcache should be working now! Horray